My name is Elizabeth and I suffered from acne for 14 years. It was horrible. I refused to be photographed because I was too embarrassed. Every morning I was scared thinking how much worse my skin would look on that day until I found the best skin care anti-aging products here. Also, let's not forget about this great line of Skinception™ sites. These anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skincare sites have the best information and natural products for Anti-Aging / Anti-Wrinkle Creams, Rosacea Treatments and Therapy, Stretch Mark Removal Creams, and the best eye creams to remove those pesky under eye bags or dark circles.

I am a webdesign student and I had bad acne which covered my face, my chest and my back. Also during the summer time I felt unconfident when I went swimming. I always wore a swimsuit to cover as much skin as possible. I tried several products and treatments but nothing seemed to help, but then I found a solution and I decided to use my skills and share my experience with other people who were suffering from acne like I did. Below you will see my story...


Find out how I got rid of my acne!

I suffered from acne since my teenage years. I went to dermatologists and they prescribed me different kinds of skin care treatments, but reading the added information sheet and all the possible side effects scared me badly. Since I was worried about my health I decided to do some research on my own. I found out a lot about the side effects of medication. Accutane, for example, may cause depression, birth defects, liver and kidney damage, psychosis, and, rarely, suicidal delusions.

I tried different kinds of over-the-counter products. These were quite cheap but I didn’t achieve the results I wanted.

Some of them worked, but after a couple of days the blemishes came back and some of them dried out my skin, so that it was red and burning. Furthermore it was hard to find a treatment designed for body acne.

I was totally frustrated and desperate, after trying so many different things and spending a lot of money. I believed there was no way out of my life with acne. Then I decided to do some research on the web, because I thought there had to be many people out there who were suffering from acne like I did. So, I visited some health forums and talked with other people about my problem and my experiences with acne treatments so far.

Then one day a guy told me that he got rid of his acne by using a new system which was only available online. That was when I found ClearPores. At first I wasn’t ready to trust the product and I was inclined to think that this would turn out to be another waste of money. But because of their Money Back Guarantee, I thought that I would give it a try, because in some way this system sounded different. It said it “treats acne from in and outside”.

So, I ordered the ClearPores Complete System, which includes two washes and creams especially made for facial and body acne. One part of the system is the herbal supplements, which fight the acne from inside and control sebum production. I saw the first results within the first weeks and after 3 months my acne was gone. I couldn’t believe it, after 14 years of desperation and pain my skin was blemish free for the first time!

That's why I decided to create this website to share my experience and my luck with other people who are suffering from acne like I did.

Read on and find more information about this amazing acne solution and about acne in general.