As I already mentioned I had suffered from acne for 14 years and tried several solutions without success. Then I started to do some research on the web and I found some products that promised a cure from acne.


See how I got rid of my acne!

I bought one system and it didn't work any better than cheap drugstore facial cleansers. I guess it cleaned the dirt off my face, but my skin became red and unevenly colored. So, it was a waste of money, my skin had less spots but it looked worse than before. So, I started to talk to people to hear about their experiences and they told me they had also tried different kinds of washes and herbal pills, but those didn’t work at all for them.

ClearPores gave me back my confidence and my beautiful skin!

Then someone told me that he found the solution for his skin. He had also tried a bunch of other treatments, but then ClearPores helped him. I visited the ClearPores website to get more information and, I don’t know why, but this system somehow convinced me that this could be the solution. And it really helped me. After that long period of suffering I am now blemish free!

What is the ClearPores System?

The ClearPores Skin Cleansing System is a combination of three different products. No prescription needed. The ClearPores System is available for facial and body acne.

ClearPores is my solution


ClearPores Wash:
This part of the system uses Salicylic Acid (2%) and SD Alcohol 40 (1%), to unclog the pores and wash the bacteria out of your skin.

ClearPores Supplement:
The 100% herbal ingredients fight the acne from the inside and help improve your skin. It contains herbs like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Echinacea.

ClearPores Protection Cream:
The third part of the systems helps you keep your skin clear during the day and protects your pores from clogging. This unique oil-free product guarantees the long-term freshness of your clear skin.

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My ranking:


ClearPores Cleansing System:
Fights the acne from inside and outside - the best solution for my skin. I have noticed no side effects and it cleaned up my skin permanently.

Clean & Clear:
Clean and clear helped to get rid of my spots but it dried up my skin and sometimes caused inflammation..
I used Clearasil, it didn't show many effects. It helped me to get rid of small white heads, but I wouldn't recommend it for acne.

Vilantae Pills:
A friend tried these pills, but had to take up to 20 pills a day. He didn't really see improvements of his skin conditions but he had stomach irritations and permanent headache.